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    Welcome to BobBledsoe.com! Check out Bob’s recent news below:



    Febuary, 2014 – Bob just finished taping a guest star role on the Disney sitcom “Jessie”. Look for that to air May of 2014. It’s a fun episode!


    November, 2013 – Bob has roles in two movies that were just released! Bob plays the over stressed director of a rundown, low rent hospital in “Big Ass Spider” and he plays a beer drinking, white trash man-child in “All American Christmas Carol”. Check out “Big Ass Spider” and “All American Christmas Carol” on DVD or Video On Demand. 



    August, 2013 – Bob worked as a producer on “The Shed” and it’s airing right now! Check out season one of “The Shed” on Food Network!


    May, 2013 – Bob is producing a new comedy reality show for Food Network. Looking to premier sometime in August 2013. More info to come!



    Oct, 2012 – Look for Bob in an upcoming role on “Grey’s Anatomy” where he gets something gross removed from his shoulder. You may remember Bob’s episode of “Parks & Recreation” where he had Rashida Jones take a look at a mole on his arm. See what’s happening here? Multi show, multi genre character arc!


    August, 2012 – Bob just finished acting work on two films, “A White Trash Christmas” and “Mega Spider”. He also just worked on a new hidden camera network pilot (that remains under wraps until it’s released) and the pilot for “The Nick Show Kroll” for Comedy Central.



    Bob was just featured in a Mercedes commercial for China starring George Clooney. It was shot in Beverly Hills and Clooney drew a huge crowd even though folks in that city are supposed to be used to seeing celebs. To keep the mobs of people away, in between shots George was hidden away by driving him around the neighborhood in a NICER MERCEDES than the one featured in the commercial.



    As a writer, Bob is currently pitching two animation projects he created as well as a couple live action sitcoms. Bob is also in development on a feature film idea that spawned from one of his sketches as well as working on getting his most recent feature script that he wrote into production.

    Having taken a short break from standup, Bob is now taking new bookings and is hitting the stage with a load of new material.



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